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Situational Frontline Leadership

Improving Leadership Skills in Frontline Supervisors

Situational Frontline Leadership is a new release of our award-winning Leadership Training for Supervisors. It helps new and existing leaders build the essential leadership skills to positively impact employee performance and engagement. Based on new approaches to adult learning theory, the program teaches the Situational Leadership II Model and focuses leaders on the skills required to Partner for Performance with their direct reports at each stage of development.

This program offers intensive skill-building opportunities. By selecting real work situations to design practice opportunities, individuals can use their new skills to provide effective leadership at each of the four development levels. This practical, hands-on process develops skills that can be readily transferred to the job.

Situational Frontline LeadershipResults

  • Equips leaders with a set of skills that support optimal performance 
  • Creates a shared language of leadership within an organization
  • Enables Partnering for Performance at each of the development levels
  • Establishes a set of skills to use in order to resolve performance problems

Coaching to Support Learning: Working one-to-one with a professional business coach is the most effective way to achieve proficiency. The Ken Blanchard Companies offers one-to-one coaching to reinforce the principles and skills learned in Situational Frontline Leadership.

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