Stress management

"There is no stress in people – only stress reactions. And we can manage our reactions." - Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Stress managementStress has become part of our everyday life. The negative effect of too much stress on creativity, productivity, decision-making and risk-taking is well-know. It is like fog: intangible but still saturates and endangers each element of organizational efficiency. It also influences the quality of our lives, and attributes to the decline of health and early ageing.

The stress itself that we work under cannot be influenced; however, we should not underestimate the possibilities effective time management provides.  We can have total control over our reactions to stressful situations. It refers both to our physical symptoms (the level of stress hormones, blood pressure, muscle tones and headache), and the emotional ones (worries, impatience, intolerance, indifference, pessimism or depression) as well.


Everyone who is interested in the program.

Expected results

  • Participants understand the nature of stress and the fact that however hard circumstances are, there are always effective overcoming strategies. This recognition itself reduces stress.
  • Productivity increases, as participants react in a more confident way.
  • The time spent on supplementary activities reduces (e.g. complaints, long phone calls, teasing each other, pessimism).
  • Precision increases, as mistakes out of thoughtlessness decrease.
  • Employee satisfaction and commitment increases.

The strength of our program is based on the fact as it covers both key areas of stress:

  • Personal skills. Skills we can do: understanding stress, identifying the stressful situation, managing our stress primarily by mental and emotional tools. The skills of time management may also be listed here, although they belong to a separate program.
  • Social skills. Our relationships often help us managing our stress. The amount and the quality of relationships, the way we react to the modified circumstances of our social surroundings and how effectively we can solve our relationship problems all affect our coping skills.

We map the level of stress and stress management skills by the Stress Profile of Inscape Publishing and give detailed, tailored guidance to develop these skills.

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