Inscape products for skill development

The educational materials of Inscape Publishing, the license partner of Ad Sidera Group are focusing on key competences such as cooperation, integration and development, which are indispensable to the globalized business life today. These skills cannot be outsourced or supplemented; they have long term effects and are key elements of successful operation.

We provide effective tools for increasing performance by melting proven assessment and evaluation methods with the most successful methods of the world, the so called "best practices".

Change always begins with an insight; it is realized in the form of action and fed by constant success.

What does it mean to you and your company?

Change can be done at a deeper and more long-lasting level if it works from inside. It means clearer, safer and more specific results because the elements of the action plans have been successfully proven in the operation processes of corporations. It helps to develop employee skills in accordance with organizational strategies. Our solutions building a whole system help you and your company to achieve your goal.


  • DiSC Personal Profile System
  • DiSC - Action Planners
  • Time Mastery Profile
  • Coping & Stress Profile

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Our colleagues

Dr. Gábor Borbély

Senior Trainer, Partner

Dr. Gábor Borbély

The secret of success: when you are at the top, do not forget about others whom you can thank for it. We have found the way. The top is far but we may still be looking for it without our family, friends, colleagues and customers. See you at the top!

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Participant opinions

Presentation techniques

It provides a complete overview of how to deliver a presentation. It helps a lot in a more self-confident appearance.

Csaba Bitvai - Knorr-Bremse Kft.

Emotional intelligence

It is a well-constructed program and provides very useful knowledge compared to other trainings.

Péter Varga - Hödlmayr Kft.