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Outdoor programs


Outdoor trainings differ from traditional educational models: they are based on experiential learning. Instead of acquiring academic knowledge, the purpose of this learning model is to improve personality, maturity and behavior through active experiencing. Early attempts at experiential learning already showed that certain experiences in themselves are able to improve an individual’s co-operation, tolerance, helpfulness, etc. Based on these findings, outdoor trainings evolved with the emphasis on particular exercises and the processing of acquired experiences.

The participants’ safety is of primary importance:

  • Highly qualified, reliable, certified experts and specialists
  • Top quality, regularly inspected equipments
  • No obligations: participants make their own decision each time about how far they are willing to go

We are constantly expanding our agendas: encounters include GPS- or map-assisted woodland navigation, communication exercises, rock climbing, elevation tasks on a dedicated course, creative, solution focused missions on a smaller scale, or longer and more complicated projects lasting several days. We do not use prescribed schemes – every training is personalized, tailored to the client’s needs and wishes, based on our long years of experience in the field.
Our programs are self-contained units, focusing on specific target-areas of organizational operation. In addition, we are ready to work with our clients toward building complex developmental processes – using both outdoor and indoor methods.

Outdoor trainings are useful in a variety of situations, and for a range of purposes.

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József Élő

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