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Field Sales Management

Succeed through your team

A Field Sales Manager succeeds through team effort. For your sales team to meet its objectives and achieve outstanding results you must be able to motivate and focus each member whilst leading by example. Learn how to make your team look forward to your field visits, how to train and develop them in front of customers and a variety of other highly practical techniques to achieve and exceed both personal and team targets.

Who will benefit?

Experienced, newly appointed and potential Field Sales Managers, as well as senior sales professionals seeking an in-depth appreciation of field management.

High spots

  • Assess the current performance of each member of your team - using a powerful analytical tool for immediate results
  • Participative projects and case studies - bring the theory alive in a fun and challenging way
  • Organise and conduct your field visits and field training effectively - get the most from this invaluable time with members of your team

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Márton Ferencz

Outdoor trainer

Márton Ferencz

Getting to know ourselves is the greatest journey of all.

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Participant opinions

Situational Leadership

I feel that there is a serious research behind the knowledge therefore it teaches logical things that can be accepted. It was good.

Zoltán Bartos - EssNet


What I learnt here will help me in my everyday life.

Ferenc Décsi - JCI