Blended Approach: Cutting Edge Effectiveness

We integrate two kinds of training methodologies with the classroom training that offer something more and different than is possible in the classroom. As a result, the entire process will become more effective.

Virtual Classrooms On WebEx Platform

All the participants are connected to their own computers, which are connected through the Internet. We can hear each other via telephone conference. The trainer presents a slideshow. He asks questions regularly, and asks responses in written or oral form. So, the process will be highly interactive. The methodology is excellent for

  • Presenting theoretical concepts and models
  • Assign homework
  • Debrief homework assignments and their related experiences


Online simulation

Here, participants work independently. They become the manager of a Hollywood goldmine. They have to make decisions regularly, and the action thread continues accordingly. They can go back anytime, and reach new results with new decisions – while a virtual mentor provides oral feedback and coaching relative to our decisions and their impact. Ultimately, if we did well, we will find the gold and everyone is happy; if we fail, the mine might even explode! The method is excellent to try and entrain a new skill – where everyone can proceed (and regress) in the simulation according to their own pace and schedule.

The Blend

The process is integrated by three virtual training sessions. Participants will use the skills learned in real life in-between the steps, based on targeted homework assignments. The entire process takes ca. two months.

Thanks to the tools and the fact that we continuously rotate between theory and practice, our research shows that the skill development of the participants is on average 60% higher than in the pure classroom case.

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Our colleagues

Andor Czinege

Senior Trainer, Partner - Blanchard International Kft.

Andor Czinege

If attractive vision, steady values and accountable leadership are provided to our team, members can have an achievement above the average. Outline the playing field, give clear targets, and let them win.

More colleagues

Participant opinions

Conflicts in teams

It is useful for individuals concerning self-knowledge and useful for the team as it emphasizes that we are different although we can still change.

István Kaposvári - ELMŰ Nyrt.

Situational Self Leadership

The training gives a thorough overview on situational behavior and the leadership style matching development level. It also helps to deepen and use consciously the effective communication.

Viktória Pöll - Kraft Foods Kft.