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Presentation techniques

"There are butterflies in each presenters’ stomach, however the ones in professionals fly in formation."

Presentation techniquesIn our everyday communication, body language and our way of presentation dominates the first impression by 55 percent. It is affected by tone in 38 percent and only in 7 percent by what we say ľ pure words and expressions. This result gives quite a shocking picture of how important ôpackagingö our messages nonverbally is.
Before first impression is made and our words are heard, several chronological steps can be decisive in the effectiveness of our presentation. It is the direct consequence of our level of preparation whether and how our stage fever radiates under control.

The audience watches the speaker from the very moment they catch sight of him, and decide at least unconsciously if he is worth listening to. Our external appearance also speaks for itself, for our authenticity and establishes the audienceĺs trust and openness towards us.

Refining the above skills is easier, but what can we do with our habits, movements, looks and voice fixed through decades, which we need to use with each other, in groups or in front of hundreds?
Taking challenges and practicing are the most effective way to improvement.
If we would like to shorten this process, we need to concentrate more thoroughly on it. We must find our personal strengths, our "magic", learning to which potentials may become conscious. The success of a practice-oriented process may be supported by feedback and positive, motivating atmosphere.


All who speak in public - mainly top - and middle managers, speakers, sales representatives presenting products; teachers and trainers.

Expected results

By participating on program, you will be able to:

  • Achieve a positive first impression with a determined attitude, managing your stage fever and therefore gain the audienceĺs trust in a short time.
  • Maintain attention with the learnt methods for a long time, even at seemingly down-to-earth topics.
  • Pay your full attention to content and participants during presentations as you professionally use your nonverbal skills (right posture, gestures, eye contact, etc.), which is necessary for message integrity.
  • Learn to manage ’trouble makers’ politely and effectively.
  • Memorize your presentations quickly and look like a skilled lecturer by using audio-visual tools even in the most unexpected situations.
  • Learn to make presentations for different audiences in a different ways, and represent the consistent company image.


We teach participants to deliver effective presentations in a relaxed, fright-free atmosphere. Each participant receives a videotape of his or her 9-12 presentations at the program. The intensive program, practical advice and personal feedback guarantee fast learning success.

We also show how to deliver effective presentations not only in front of an audience of tens or hundreds but two or five people as well.

Further possibilities

Follow-up program
3 or 4 months after the program, we give specific suggestions for questions arising concerning the acquired techniques. By refining the techniques, we support our participants in more professional fields of application.
Person-specific presentations in practice
Beside acquiring presentation techniques, recognizing participants’ reception, motivation and communication skills based on DISC Personality Profile System supports person-specific presentations, i.e. matching presentation style to the audienceĺs expectations in an optimal way. Theoretic knowledge is supported by practices and role plays.
During the implementation process, we prepare participants for real, specific presentation situations, give feedback, development advice and action plans if they ask for it.

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Dr. Gábor Borbély

Senior Trainer, Partner

Dr. Gábor Borbély

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Participant opinions

Presentation techniques

It is the most professional, the most useful and the most entertaining training I have ever participated in.

Gábor Korecsni - Graphisoft

Presentation techniques

It provides a complete overview of how to deliver a presentation. It helps a lot in a more self-confident appearance.

Csaba Bitvai - Knorr-Bremse Kft.