Conflict management

"If two people always agree, one of them is unnecesary." Henry Ford

Conflict managementConflicts have always been a part of our lives, be it different interests, personal antipathy or their blend.

It is the exceeded rhythm of our life and the stress upon us that increases the number of conflicts. If we spend a lot of time on maintaining a relationship continuously, there will be less conflict in it.

Time spent with this effort is unfortunately decreasing. However, as we are more strained, directing and managing conflicts and emotions have become much more difficult.

Targeted areas

Ad Sidera offers tailored solutions to manage conflict situations, targeting the following areas:

  • Conflict tolerating skills. The attitude of people towards themselves, their partners and conflicts is of basic importance. How to manage our own tension? Can we direct our partner’s tension? At what extent do we let conflicts reduce or even paralyze our common sense? At what extent do we let it affect our surroundings?
  • Personalities or teams in conflict. What is my natural reaction in conflict situations? What is my partner’s reaction? What are our needs? How can I quickly identify it and have both our needs satisfied?  Participants map themselves as well as understand the situation and needs of their partner with the help of the DISC Personality Profile System..
  • Conflicts at work among team members. How can interests be different? What can I do to find the causes? How can I bridge these contrasts and find a common solution? Managing conflicts as a skill is basically important when we want to build high performing teams.

Expected results

  • Tension decreases in the organization – productivity increases.
  • Smoother solution for confronted interests – organizational interests overcome partial ones.
  • Cooperation between individuals and units improves.
  • Conflict management becomes more flexible, so participants can act more efficiently in different conflict situations.

Ad Sidera can map and measure the origin and the reason of conflicts and provide tailored, proven solutions for specific situations.

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