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Emotional intelligence

„...You can get scared, brave, want, become angry, feel pity ľ be glad or sad more or less than appropriate, although both are incorrect. If, however, we do it all at the time, in the way and to those when, how and to whom it is needed, it means the middle and the best which is a characteristic of virtue.” - Arisztotelész

Emotional intelligence„How come emotions and intelligence in one expression?" "Why to deal with emotions at the workplace?" ľ our customers usually ask. The answer is simple: whether we want it or not, we do have emotions influencing our performance and that of our people.

Our responsibility, as well as our possibilities as leaders are even greater: we need to ensure that our people feel positive about us, about their task and the company when we target increased sustainable performance.
Motivation, sense of purpose, endurance, concentration, stress tolerance, recovery and emphatic communication are all emotional intelligence skills. Their key lays usually in the extent of our ability to build on emotions in an intelligent way.

The program helps participants to understand the role of emotions at the workplace. It provides methods to deal with stressful situations easier, while maintaining creativity and rational decision making. It also measures how easily we can recover and start again if things turn bad. It shows how to utilize these skills in keeping contact with others, and how we can resolve conflicts.


  • Individuals in leadership roles having an impact on performance.
  • People at all levels, who need to learn to increase their endurance and manage delicate situations with their colleagues, customers and suppliers.

Expected results

By participating on the program, you will be able to:

  • Learn to manage your stress.
  • Learn to develop optimistic attitude in yourself and in others.
  • Learn to behave in delicate, stressful situations in a confident way.
  • Improve your general communication skills.
  • Concentrate better and maintain work speed.
  • Improve your skills to influence and lead others as well as the ones to transfer your intention.

A possible preliminary analysis

In order to tailor the program, participants complete an Emotional Intelligence questionnaire. It is a 360o web-based analysis giving an overall picture of the EI competences both from your and external viewpoints. This analysis is available in English.

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Márton Ferencz

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Participant opinions

Emotional intelligence

By demonstrating the importance of emotions it evoked new thoughts and highlighted several areas to be developed.

Ferenc Bojtor - Hödlmayr Kft.

Emotional intelligence

It provided useful information and contained very new knowledge in Hungary.

Zoltán Gyűrű - Hödlmayr Kft.