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"There is no second chance to make a first impression."

Call Center MasteryMost companies make all efforts to create a positive image in their customers and partners. The quality of service connected to products has become a distinctive factor in the increasing market competition. Excellent relationships with customers by phone is an indispensable element of successful operation.

While we obtain a lot of visual information from the customers’ body language, behavior, appearance, etc., there are less tools during a phone call. One of the main reasons phone calls cause us a headache is the fact that we do not see people, only their voice is heard.  Due to the above factors, people take more liberties during a phone call than in interpersonal communications. First impression is first on the phone, too, however the effect of a verbal handshake is often more long-lasting therefore it is worth paying attention to.


The program concentrates on developing the communication skills of people keeping contact with the partners and customers of the organization. We also recommend it to the ones managing complaints by phone and who might often feel the lack of tools during the conversations.

Expected results

By participating the program you can:

  • Learn the techniques of high quality conversations (starting, openness, positive attitude, understanding the problem, expressing the intention to help, avoiding misunderstanding, directing the conversation.)
  • Communicate in a more confident, willing and effective way.
  • Improve both your customer-centered and personal attitude.
  • Use communication styles matching the partners’ personality types.
  • Easily manage difficult customers and win them back.
  • The company becomes easier to reach which improves the general image.
  • Expenses decrease, so customers become more satisfied.
  • By using stress management methods, the intensity of burning out decreases.


The active learning process is supported by intensive situational practice, one-to-one feedback with tape recordings and personal consulting.

Further possibilities

Customer-centered communication
The participants of the program complete the DISC Personality Profile System, the basis of effective personality-based communication. Learning the behavior styles helps to understand human behavior and gives a unique, personalized feedback and development ideas.

By using the Personality Profile System employees reach a routine in communicating with customers whose style might as well be completely different from theirs and whose behavior may seem threatening or disturbing in difficult situations.

For employees who handle sales tasks as well, the program is supplemented by telesales modules. Please ask for our free tailored offer after discovering your needs.

Anonymous tests by phone
The skills acquired during the program are measured by anonymous phone calls, from which a tele-image report is compiled and which provides the basis for the follow-up program.

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Our colleagues

József Élő


József Élő

Finding each other is the beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success.

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Participant opinions

Self Leadership

The training gives a thorough overview on the employee's behavior and the leadership style matching the development level. It also helps to deepen and use the effective communication consciously.

Viktória Pöll - Kraft Foods Kft.

Presentation techniques

It is the most professional, the most useful and the most entertaining training I have ever participated in.

Gábor Korecsni - Graphisoft