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Training internal trainers

„What is worth doing is worth doing well!” - Lord Chesterfield

Training internal trainersIn case you would like to show a program to several colleagues (above 6 groups of people) and you have colleagues with skills suitable for the task, you may consider educating your internal trainers for the training:

  • preparing the program in high quality,
  • flexibly tailoring the topics for different target groups.

Suggested training process

  • Setting up the groups: minimum 2   maximum 6 people.
  • Developing presentation techniques (optional preparation). Suggested if future trainers have little or no speakerĺs experience. The most cost effective method is participation on our public Presentation Techniques Program.
  • Developing trainer skills (optional preparation). Suggested if future trainers have speakerĺs experience but are inexperienced in moderating processes of group dynamics, managing creative group techniques and tailoring the topics and structure of training programs according to the needs of the team. In this and the above point, we offer individual consultation for groups of mixed or partial experience in order to examine the areas to be developed.
  • Living the training (suggested preparation). It aims that the trainers experience the functioning of the program as participants, and get acquainted with the material.
  • Learning the training material (training the trainers). After agreeing on the final topics of the training based on mutual conversation and trainerĺs manuals, the program is processed module by module. Future trainers present it (teach-back) and the material is refined with the help of video recordings.
    We also provide a Trainerĺs Kit in Hungarian or in English (containing a step-by-step description of the training, a participantĺs workbook, supplementary materials and a complete slide set)sa.
  • Training exam. The qualified trainers gain the rights for delivering the program during a successful exam training. The consultant teaching them watches their programs and gives a detailed feedback about it. In case the trainer meets the preset criteria of both the participants and the consultant, they will be given a certificate of the exam training. The ones, who fail the exam training, need to deliver another one until they pass. There is a possibility for consultation as well.
  • Follow-up or support for the qualified trainers according to their needs. A follow-up consultation is suggested 3 to 6 or 9 to 12 months after the exam training in order to answer the questions arisen in the trainings, discuss the minor modifications of the program or the supplementary materials, refine the skills or give an overview of the novelties. We also provide a possibility for consultations.


Organizations with internal trainers planning to develop a professional training to a specific audience, purchasing and implementing one or delivering one of the multinational parent company matching the needs of the Hungarian workforce.

The program 'Developing trainer skills' supplemented with the Presentation Techniques program if needed is suitable for internal trainers with some experience who usually deliver their own material.

Expected results

A 2-day training for a group of about 15 people in 6 or more occasions is more economical with skilled internal trainers than with hired outside ones.

Further possibilities

You can order our train-the-trainer program for your internal trainers to acquire the companyĺs know-how or to learn Ad Sideraĺs copyrighted ones. See our offer for Ad Sideraĺs train-the-trainer program!

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I liked it very much and learnt a lot. I feel this knowledge totally useful both at work and in my private life.

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It is a well-constructed program and provides very useful knowledge compared to other trainings.

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