Customer Service

"Successful organizations have one common central focus – customers. It doesn’t matter if it is a business, a professional practice, a hospital, or a government agency – success only comes to those, and only to those, who are obsessed with looking after customers." - Harvey Mackay

Customer ServiceIdentical technologies result in similar products, so the role of service and human resources providing it tends to be increasingly appreciated as being the field for inter-organizational market competition in the 21st century.

"Service is a relationship between people." The person in direct contact with the customers has the greatest impact over their feelings concerning the specific company and their buying intention, or the fact that they quit as soon as possible. Therefore it is important that all people in direct – or indirect – contact with customers are aware what role they have in losing or retaining a customer, and are responsible for developing the service they provide.

"The moment of truth comes each time when service providers get in contact with customers, and therefore becoming able to help or obstruct. In these moments, customers can form an opinion about the service received. It may happen when a sales representative takes the order appropriately, and the occasion when the logistics department forgets to post a package. Regardless of what we think, customers form an opinion of the organization then. The result is a story: either one of legendary service or one of hell." 

Jan Carlson


Everyone whose work effects customer satisfaction. Therefore we focus on areas from defining strategic service issues to developing frontline customer service activities.

Expected results

  • Satisfied regular customers strengthening the market position of the organization. 
  • Professional, motivated, customer-centered employees who can constantly provide legendary service. 
  • High level of internal customer service necessary to the external one. 
  • An organization that can constantly develop its service based on customers’ feedback and complaints. 
  • Start a traditional oral campaign by convincing difficult customers and solving the problems immediately. 
  • Both internal and external customers can profit from the improved internal information flow.

Further possibilities

Legendary Service Analysis - Organization (LSA-Organization) assessment

The assessment, in which the quality of service is evaluated and compared to that of the competitors’, is completed by randomly selected employees and a definite number of external customers. LSA-Organization analysis shows where the customer evaluates the level of the received service differently than the organization itself, and how important the measured data is to them. The development and operational plan prepared on the program results in measurable improvement.

Legendary Service Analysis – Workgroup (LSA-Workgroup) assessment

Since the level of external service can never exceed that of the internal one, development should start from inside. The LSA – Workgroup assessment gives objective feedback to our ‘internal suppliers’ about the internal service chain. By repeating the analysis in 6 or 12 months’ time, the effect of the training on the level of internal service can be demonstrated.

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Dr. Gábor Borbély

Senior Trainer, Partner

Dr. Gábor Borbély

The secret of success: when you are at the top, do not forget about others whom you can thank for it. We have found the way. The top is far but we may still be looking for it without our family, friends, colleagues and customers. See you at the top!

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