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Buyer-Oriented Sales Strategies

Become one of the best in successful selling and learn from researched best practice

This unique program focuses on selling from the buyer’s perspective. With this in mind, it helps experienced sales professionals to formulate and execute sales strategies and tactics that are especially effective, since they address the specific needs and wants of the buyer in a tailor-made fashion.

Who will benefit?

Anyone involved in business to business sales who has already received basic sales training will be stimulated, challenged and educated by this programme. It is particularly suitable for those making complex sales with multiple decision makers involved and for anyone in solution based selling.

Key learning points:

  • Approach a complex business to business sale - plan your objectives and an effective strategy to achieve them from start to finish
  • Set out clear objectives for different stages of the sale - relate your offer specifically to different decision makers and influencers
  • Identify the true needs, priorities, preferences and prejudices of decision makers and influencers - position your offer to meet their expectations
  • Analyse different personality types within the decision making unit - and adapt your selling style to the needs of each individual
  • Progressively build support inside your customer’s company - achieve buy-in from all involved in the decision making process
  • Negotiate a profitable deal during the final stages - adopt the best practices shown by research to achieve profitable results

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Dr. Gábor Borbély

Senior Trainer, Partner

Dr. Gábor Borbély

The secret of success: when you are at the top, do not forget about others whom you can thank for it. We have found the way. The top is far but we may still be looking for it without our family, friends, colleagues and customers. See you at the top!

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Participant opinions

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It is the most professional, the most useful and the most entertaining training I have ever participated in.

Gábor Korecsni - Graphisoft

Self Leadership

The training gives a thorough overview on the employee's behavior and the leadership style matching the development level. It also helps to deepen and use the effective communication consciously.

Viktória Pöll - Kraft Foods Kft.