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Field Sales Management 2.

Further your skills to maintain peak performance

Sales Managers must generate revenue and profit through their sales teams. With targets usually predetermined by company policies, you must be able to establish objectives which are compatible. This interactive course further develops your skills, enabling you to forecast future sales, plan future operations, introduce change and work with your team to successfully fulfil your role of Field Sales Manager.

Who will benefit?

This course is designed for those who have attended the TACK Field Sales Management course   ideally within 2-3 months of the original course   or for Field Sales Managers who feel they have the experience but need to further develop their skills.

High spots

  • Personal Development Plan – you’ll leave the programme with a working plan for the development of your team
  • Shaping the business – using strategic tools you’ll review your product / market positioning and how it impacts customer retention and profitability
  • Planned business development – you’ll create a business development plan to implement immediately after the programme

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József Élő


József Élő

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I liked it very much and learnt a lot. I feel this knowledge totally useful both at work and in my private life.

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