Strategic Threesome - Mission, Values and Vision in practice

”Only a slight line divides flexibility from chaos, although you can see it well.”  - A training participant

It has become a cliché that nothing is more constant than change. However, it is a mistake to take it literally. Sometimes top managers living under pressure think that nothing should be respected and in order to be flexible they forget the basic organizational truth. Too many companies change their direction or focus too often.

All this process is generated by the concept of flexibility. A company is however like a well-thrown millstone: the bigger it is the harder it is to change its direction and align behind new priorities. The result is organizational chaos, general disorder and unnecessary haste on executive levels.

It has become certain that successful companies are extremely flexible, it only works however in well-defined frames clear to each and every employee. If these rules graved into stone change, the result is another company. These frames are like the banks of a river giving direction and impetus to the water ľ the collective energy of the company ľ and without it there is only a muddy puddle. These frames are called The Strategic Threesome (Mission, Values and Vision).



During the process we involve different levels of the company into the process:

  • Strategic Threesome - Definition: involving top and middle management
  • Strategic Threesome - Communication: to the whole community with the help of a focus group
  • Strategic Threesome - Harmony: to the whole company, done by a project team

The process itself affects the whole company, in this sense the audience are all colleagues.

Expected results

  • All departments and processes of the company target the same direction which results in increased organizational efficiency.
  • The organization becomes more accountable, predictable and consistent. People and customers are aware of what they can get and they are usually given. This way the organization keeps its customers and people more successfully.
  • Leaders are given a clear policy to give direction and support to people. Leadersĺ work becomes simpler, employee commitment increases.
  • Empowerment strengthens, which increases employee creativity at all levels and results in products of constantly increasing quality generated not by management projects but as a natural part of the organizationĺs everyday life.

Business benefits are essential. We can say that this process is ĺthe best thing that can happen to a companyĺ. It certainly demands remarkable commitment, patience and endurance from the top management as it is never easy to put into orbit the millstone of the organization.

The gist of the method

Many people have been dealing with defining mission. According to a certain consultant  it means nothing else but 'a handful of guys take off their coats and ties, rent a room in a motel for 3 days, and write a few words on a paper ľ then go on with their work like before.'

The essence of Ad Sidera's method is to focus on implementation and harmonization after a creative introduction period. We pay attention to the fact that the organization should work within the new frames.

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Dr. Gábor Borbély

Senior Trainer, Partner

Dr. Gábor Borbély

The secret of success: when you are at the top, do not forget about others whom you can thank for it. We have found the way. The top is far but we may still be looking for it without our family, friends, colleagues and customers. See you at the top!

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