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Moderating strategy creation

„If you do not know where to go, any road will do.”

Moderating strategy creationFast changing technology, globalization and transforming market conditions result in the fact that classic strategy creation and implementation (time-consuming analyses, strategic industry scenarios predicting two or three years, strategic alternatives, detailed implementation plans and budget) are not working any more. Long terms shortened and in the increasingly lively market competition companies are forced to bring immediate strategic decisions and implementation. (In some industries a two yearsĺ prediction means long term.)

Consequently, not only strategic direction should be changed within the business year, but implementing the new strategy should also begin  so that the company can hold its market position or achieve a new one.

Therefore a new strategy creation method should be learnt and practised that helps the company to learn, renew and compete more productively and efficiently while executing its daily activities successfully.

Our strategy creating training has been developed based on the experiences of company managers and consultants to create circumstances for the company management where open communication and productive work presupposes the realization of the following goals:

  • The company management should see internal (mission, values, vision) and external (political, economic, social and technological) surroundings clearly.
  • The managment should evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the organization objectively and based on it.
  • Plan the necessar strategic interventions effectively including the various action plans.


  • Company top management.
  • Company managers participating in planning and executing company strategy, ie. Ĺownersĺ of the functional strategies (purchasing, production, financial, HR, etc. managers).

Expected results

  • Values defining the company operation in short or long term can clearly be identified.
  • Short and long term external effects are identified in a systematic way.
  • The strengths and weaknesses of the company are successfully identified in order to be utilized with external, objective help.
  • Business productivity increases as management works together to achieve the agreed and accepted goals within well-defined frames.
  • The effectiveness of discussing strategically important issues increases as it is done by professional moderation.
  • The chosen strategy ensures the real, personalized road to success.
  • Participants acquire a new and not very time-consuming process which can be repeated as needed and which ensures that the management can dominate, direct and own the strategy and its implementation.

Why is this program unique?

Excellent strategy and the related action plans can result in success only with excellent implementation. Therefore we create team dynamics and operation frames with personalized team development elements to ensure an open and constructive work on the strategy ready to debate and act creatively. That is why our program is led by an expert experienced in team development, communications and strategy creation so that the process should be fluent and meet the criteria of team dynamics.

The program is always tailored to the needs so that professional activities and team building exercises give specific answers to the present situation of the company and actual strategic challenges. Therefore we are ready to prepare preliminary analyses and evaluation so that the program moduls can be moderated not only methodically but focusing on the content as well.


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