Service strategy

„If you do not serve your customers in the right way, you serve someone else who will do it poperly instead of you.”

Service srategyWe can only achieve long term advantages to overcome our competitors if we constantly overdeliver the increasing customer demands but only those that mean more values to us. In order to obtain this advantage, we need to know who our customers are, what their expectations are and how they see their performance compared to that of their competitors.

The Service Strategy summarizes the essence of total service development in three secrets (Decide, Discover and Deliver plus one) and gives directions and the know-how to start and manage the process.


Service strategy is primarily for top management but with its additional modules (Legendary Service) and it can be extended for all levels of the organization.

Expected results

  • The program initiates top managementĺs decision on extending service development within the organization.
  • Management clearly sees its role and tasks in continuous service development. They also have a specific strategy to differenciate themselves from competition.
  • The operation of the method and the ’know-how’ does not require external consultation, it becomes automatic.
  • The total implementation activates all employees and commits them towards increasing both external and internal customer satisfaction as  ’the level of external service cannot exceed that of the internal one.’

Further possibilities ensuring unique benefits

Our program was developed by Prof. Dr. Kenneth Blanchard so that its modules can be extended to the whole organization after gaining top management commitment.

  • A syllabus for different levels of organizations with different focus.
    • Decide! - Top management..
    • Discover! - Middle management + Frontline.
    • Deliver plus one! - Frontline + back offices supporting it.
  • The method is suitable for internal workshops with a high participant number (as much as 500 people).
  • The basis of the top management program is a preliminary organization analysis.

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