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Preparation for the National Quality Award tender

„Good is the enemy of Excellent.” - Jim Collins

A car driver can be considered irresponsible when driving with closed eyes at the same speed while not knowing where the road or traffic goes. The management that directs without measuring the activities of the organization, the trends of progress, the achieved results and the effectiveness of the applied leadership methods can hardly avoid to be accused of irresponsibility, too. However, it is extremely common in small enterprises.

The most widespread method for evaluating organizational performance and operation is self-evaluation. EFQM - Europian Foundation for Quality Management introduced the excellence model in the 90’s to which self-evaluation methodology provides the basis.

Self-evaluation based on the excellence model is a valuable tool as:

  • it provides frames for evaluating organizations and managements upon unified principles,
  • it helps to compare similar organizations,
  • it calls certain organizations for a healthy competition,
  • it initiated universalizing best practices and
  • it helps to know the best organizations objectively.

The model defines and unfolds each criteria of excellence and denotes a unified measurement method to judge it.

So called Quality Awards were created in several European countries to compare and measure organizational excellence. All European Quality Awards examine organizational excellence in therms of  TQM - Total Quality Management. In Hungary the most widespread method for measuring organizational excellence is the National Qality Award based on the EFQM model similarly to the European Quality Awards.

The National Quality Award - EFQM model**


What can Ad Sidera help you in preparing for the award?

Based on its licence and strategic partners and its own developed technology and in cooperation with IFKA (Hungarian Quality Development Center) (www.mik.hu) Ad Sidera Ltd. can introduce you the EFQM model, the method of self-evaluation and lead the whole process from learning the model to application.

Ad Sidera provides training, consulting and complex organizational development solutions for development needs based on self-evaluation.

Self-evaluation according to the EFQM model as a leadership and organizational development tool

One of the most challenging tasks for managements is to create and maintain a dynamic balance that permanently satisfies the expectancies of all people (owners, customers, employees and the society) at the same time.

There is nothing like a perfect organization. Constant development is vital in todayĺs strong market competition. (If the management states that nothing should be improved in the organization, they compose their own capital sentence.) The model helps to judge the effectiveness of the organization and its management and therefore can be used as a leadership tool. It is also useful in identifying the weaknesses as well as the strengths upon which the organization can achieve success.

Being a time- and money-consuming activity, the basic question of all developments especially leadership and organizational development is what it should aim. It is not the same what part of the organization is developed from the limited resources. The model and the related self-evaluation provides help in answering the basic question.

If an organization wishes to develop, measurements should be taken as there is no effective and contemporary measurement without it.

When to self-evaluate and when to apply for a tender?

Based on the results of self-evaluation you can decide whether you apply for the National Quality Award or not. A rate of 20 % is certainly not enough for applying. The earlier winners of the National Quality Award collected about 450-650 points out of the total 1.000. (The highest results of the winners of the European Quality Award had 700-800 points).

You do not have to apply in reality. The essence of the work is done. The management surveyed the status of the organization according to the criteria. They can deliberately decide what developments are worth and necessary to be done in the next 1 or 2 years.

There are several reasons for application but you should rather ask winners and earlier applicants about it. The Hungarian winners summarized the benefits of the model and the tender as below:

  • "Team motivation increases thanks to the frequent self-evaluations."
  • "It helps to discover our strengths and weeknesses."
  • "An excellent opportunity to find ideas.
  • "We got an objective external feedback on operation."
  • "Our tender was professionally evaluated."
  • "It helped to compare our performance to the companies in Hungary and in Europe who also self-evaluate based on this model."
  • "A constant measurement for change and development."
  • "It keeps the organization awake."
  • "Excellent preparation for the European Quality Award."

Self-evaluation itself was a real help both for winners and other participants.


The organization can identify its strengths and areas to be developed, ie. set the road to become better with the help of the model and the adjusted measurement method . ĹBetterĺ here means to become more successful in business, safer not only for employees and investors but for the surroundings and the society.

The leadership tool is not only practical as it gives you the measurement method and a chance for comparison. It is also practical because

  • it helps to set the development trends of the organization,
  • it focuses the managementĺs and the employeesĺ attention to some essential development areas and helps to set motivating goals.


"We started cooperating with Ad Sidera in 1997. All training programs served as perfect tools for developing our colleagues and their personalities. We created our strategy and vision and teamed-up.
We thank for Ad Sidera Ltd. for their support on the road to the Hungarian National Quality Award in 2001."

András Boros - factory director
Dunapack Ltd.

"AGood colleagues are the greatest treasure of the service sector. With the help and effective support of Ad Sidera we managed to polish the semi-precious stones we found into gems. We could shape up as an excellent team and we were the first logistics company in Hungary who won the National Quality Award in 2004.
Thanks for the refinement, Ad Sidera!"

György Iván- managing director
HÖDLMAYR Hungária Logistics Ltd.

* Measuring and introducing organizational excellence by Pál Bodor - Endre Hercz.
** Quality Development Center - IMFA: National Quality Award - Self-evaluation. For more information see: www.mik.hu

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