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Our colleagues

Dr. Gábor Borbély

Dr. Gábor Borbély

Senior Trainer, Partner

Personal data
Birth year:1962
Interest:photography, tennis, and golf

Qualifications and experience:

  • 20 years training and sales experience
  • Adaptation of international training programs in Hungary

Areas of training expertise:

  • Organizational development, cultural change
  • Team Building
  • Leadership training (Top/middle/frontline)
  • Service development
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Sales and negotiation techniques
  • Presentation techniques
Important partners, references
Böhler * Cisco Systems * Coats Hungary * Citroën * Dunapack * Evopro * Fővárosi Gázművek * Kanizsa Trend * Knorr Bremse * Magyar Telekom * Nestlé * SAP * Semmelrock * Sinus * Sodexo

Issues you face

„We listen to what our customers have to say, and we collaborate to create a strategic solution that meets their unique needs.”

More information

Participant opinions

Conflicts in teams

It is useful for individuals concerning self-knowledge and useful for the team as it emphasizes that we are different although we can still change.

István Kaposvári - ELMŰ Nyrt.

Team cooperation

The team that returns to work becomes better and better after each Ad Sidera program.

Erika Gyöngyösiné - ELMŰ Nyrt.