Strategic games, quizzes

Participants will find a most colorful equipment pool at their disposal for strategic games. We offer challenges on foot, on bikes or in jeeps – tailored to the client’s needs. Teams are guaranteed to profit from efficient teamwork, communication and attention to each other.

During the program participants search the environment for a mysterious treasure, or cooperate in larger groups for a common goal that asserts their unity – trekking on foot, with puzzle games and other program elements.

Clients may wish to combine a jeep assisted path-finder trek with a driving contest, where technique conquers all… and participants complete the adrenaline stacked course according their temperament.

Teams are ranked with the help of a point grade system!


Team Adventure Trophy

As if moving on a kind of revolving stage participants move from stage to stage in the game of "Team Adventure Trophy". In this half- or one-day-long program small groups go along several stations and solve various tasks. Amongst many other challenging trials they have to get through a "poisonous liana queach", they have a chance to obtain the Holy Grail or they can even test the wooden vehicles of the "Flintstones". After all these adventures even our giant catapults might appear... The Team Adventure Trophy is a real challenge for everyone. The creative problem solving skills of a team are tested here; participants have to make quick decisions under time pressure, and for the accomplishment of each solution every skilful mind and hand is needed.

Proposed timeframe: 3 hours – 1 day

Outdoor relay

Groups of 6-10 have to accomplish various tasks located at different stations. The tasks - each can be solved in 20-50 minutes - require a basic level of physical condition, but a high level of creativity, collaboration and effective communication. Groups need to make quick decisions, sat up priorities; and for the best result, they have to work out common strategy. The competition is fought by certain units. One unit is made up of 2 partner groups, who have to cooperate in order to solve the tasks. The units are competing for medals and prizes. The stations are within an area of 25 km2. The program can be carried out even in case of extreme weather conditions (rain, snow, frost, etc.) Number of participants: min. 40 – max. 150 people

Proposed timeframe: 1 day

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Participant opinions

Project management

It showed project management both from theoretical and practical point of view. The real life examples were exciting.

Csaba Hallgató - Citibank

Emotional intelligence

It is a well-constructed program and provides very useful knowledge compared to other trainings.

Péter Varga - Hödlmayr Kft.