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Discovery missions embedded in a story framework

The backbone of this program is a storyline. Participants drift from one adventure to another as the plot unfolds, while getting a chance to prove their skills, creativity, organizing and problem solving ability. The story – and the adventure – may even start with a mysterious e-mail days before the actual program…

Team success depends on efficient sharing of information, finding novel solutions and leaving the comfort zone. Participants experience firsthand that one cannot be successful alone. The outcome depends solely on the participants.

A glimpse into some of the plots’ titles:

  • The H.H. Aiken mystery
  • The Greenborough expedition
  • Up the peak!

Participants gain firsthand experiences with regards to interdependence, trust and delegation.

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Antal Pintér

Managing director - Ad Sidera Outdoor Ltd.

Antal Pintér

Some things are really important and some are not. We live to learn the difference.

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Participant opinions

Emotional intelligence

It is a well-constructed program and provides very useful knowledge compared to other trainings.

Péter Varga - Hödlmayr Kft.

Conflicts in teams

It is useful for individuals concerning self-knowledge and useful for the team as it emphasizes that we are different although we can still change.

István Kaposvári - ELMŰ Nyrt.