Salza valley

Date: from May to October
Participants: 10–30 persons
Location: Wildalpen and surroundings, Salza valley, Austria
Travel: the Salza valley is located 450 kilometers from Budapest, traveltime is around 5–6 hours on the highway.
Accommodations: there are several 3 hotels and one 4 stars in the Salza valley.

Program Description

Day 1.

Leaving Budapest in the morning we arrive at Wildalpen, center of the Salza valley at early noon. In the afternoon we embark on a tour in a scenic creek, at times passing over the rapid stream and its waterfalls on wooden planks and ladders. Our destination is a breathtaking waterfall called the Bridal Veil. We then return to our starting point and have dinner in a pleasant, homely restaurant right on the bank of the river Salza.

Day 2.

The next morning is spent with rafting, riding the waves of the river Salza. After some theoretical and practical education to help us become skilled in the craft of rafting we put out to sea and raft downstream, winding with the river in a spectacular valley. Then, we reward our weary limbs after lunch in a forest sauna, built not far from Wildalpen, in the middle of a pine woods. We finally arrive back to our lodging in the late hours of the evening.

Day 3.

On the third day we seek out the charms of alpine hiking with a pleasant trip to nearby Hochkar ridge. An elevator takes us to the rest-house over the ridge, and we set out on a scenic tour with a magnificent view. Taking a rest on Hochkar’s crest we then return to the rest-house and have our farewell lunch before starting on our journey back home, to Hungary.

Travel time: Travelling there and back home should be added to the program’s duration. With a car or bus this takes half a day each way.

Physical difficulty: the sports activities listed in the program can be completed by any healthy individual. Naturally, we provide all necessary equipment for rafting, teach participants their use and supervise their safety throughout the adventure. Swimming ability is a prerequisite! The mountain hike requires no prior skills.

Equipment: a small backpack for hiking, raincoat, light sweater, comfortable pants, trekking boots (or sports shoes), sunglasses, sunscreen lotion, bathing suit. The hike can easily be completed in ordinary sports shoes.

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